Mia Zielinska

Welcome to Aruna Counselling

Sometimes we get stuck or need help that friends and family can’t provide. And it seems there’s often pressure for us to get on with life, leaving little room for us to work through difficulties.

Psychotherapy provides you with confidential, professional support where you’re free from the usual social judgements and expectations; it’s designed this way so that you can work through difficulties and ultimately gain greater self-understanding and well-being.

Why the name Aruna Counselling?

I’m passionate about helping people. That may be why I chose the name Aruna – Arunas are people who find enlightenment through self-study. Aruna is also known as the charioteer who drives the Sun God across the sky. As a qualified counsellor I facilitate your journey to finding greater peace, to getting where you’re trying to go, and to reaching greater self-understanding – all so you can feel better.

Organisational Membership and Ethics

I’m a registered member (MBACP) with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. I subscribe to their ethical framework. BACP hear complaints about unethical practice.