Loss and Grief Group Therapy

The group begins 6th June 2024. We meet fortnightly on Thursdays from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. The location is the Tara Trust EH11 5JY in the West End near Haymarket Station.

What is the group for?

Loss is part of living so eventually we all experience it.

What brings you to the group may be shared with other group members and it may be different to some.

Examples of loss that may have affected you include:

  • separation or divorce
  • estrangement
  • the end of a significant relationship including a friendship
  • the death of someone close to you through a long illness or a sudden and traumatic death
  • the loss of your good health
  • loss of employment
  • loss of identity
  • loss of home or culture
  • loss of faith
As you can see, loss presents in many forms and grief is a natural response to loss.

How does the group work?

The group meets fortnightly on Thursdays for two hours from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

The group is facilitated by myself, Mia Zielinska, and my colleague, Mengyao Yuan. Our bios are below.

Anyone who is 18+ is welcome to apply to join. This is not a drop-in group. Membership stays the same until someone leaves the group.

When someone leaves the group, a new person joins.

This is a relational group. This means that we are not restricted to speaking about grief and loss. We bring our whole selves to grief, so my co-facilitator and I consider it therapeutically appropriate to be able to bring ‘other’ issues into the group as well as to be able to speak to each other within the group about our impact on each other.

Minimum commitment is 12 sessions. Maximum attendance is for up to three years from the time you join.

The fee for the group is £40 per session, which is £80 per month because we meet fortnightly.

There is a minumum of 8 group members plus me and Mengyao; we have a maximum of 12 group members plus me and Mengyao.

What next?

There is a (gentle) vetting process for this group because of the nature of the group and the commitment required.

If you wish to join, send me a message – my contact information is at the bottom of this webpage. I’ll confirm your interest and arrange for you to speak with either me or my colleague. One of us will have a phone chat with you to let you know more about the group and respond to any questions or concerns you may have. At that time, you can confirm that you do want to attend and we can confirm your suitability for the group. If there’s space, you can join right away, if not, we can keep your details on a waiting list.


There is a group agreement that everyone in the group, including facilitators, agrees to. Please look it over.


Mengyao Picture

Mengyao Yuan is an experienced psychotherapist, specialising in the nuanced exploration of personal identity, adeptly guiding individuals through the complexities of processing loss and trauma, and helping them find meaning in their lives. She received training from the University of Edinburgh and the Institute of Group Analysis, reflecting a comprehensive and proficient approach to her therapeutic practice.

Mia Zielinska is a psychotherapist specialised in group therapy. She has considerable experience working with bereavement, grief, suicidality, and bereavement because of suicide. Her training is from the University of Edinburgh and the Institute of Group Analysis. She is a clinical supervisor in private practice and she works with charitable organisations to make therapy accessible to the Edinburgh community.