Couples and Relationships

I work with concerns such as conflict, betrayal, infidelity, sex, and communication difficulties. I also work with transitions couples may be navigating such as parenthood, blended families, changes to employment or residence, or navigating a transition of separation or divorce.

How I work: I provide a calm, confidential space where you can share what’s going on in the relationship. Together, we explore the issues that concern you and work on what changes need to occur to create the changes you want to see.

Change can look like rebuilding trust, changing how you talk to each other, how you spend time together, how you think about each other/yourself/the relationship, or how you engage with intimacy.

I encourage honesty in order to facilitate trust and growth. I want you to develop your understanding of what’s gone wrong or become difficult and be able to see what’s gone well and feels right. Then we can support and strengthen the parts of your relationship that will help you get to where you want to be.

Sometimes, I give homework. Homework may be something such as a communication task that helps you practice techniques we discuss in session on your own.


My relationship work includes working with non-monogamous and polyamorous relationships in which three or more individuals may be involved in the relationship(s).

Relationship/couples work is open to non-romantic relationships too. For example, some ‘couples’ who seek counselling can be parent-child, business partners, or co-parents.

Sessions and Fees

Please see the What to Expect page for details.