My approach to supervision is influenced by my own training. I work relationally, underpinned by psychodynamic and person-centred methodologies. I am supportive and encouraging, and I am respectfully challenging when appropriate in order to facilitate your own ways of working with clients and your professional development.

Although I work with a variety of presenting clinical concerns, I do have areas in which I specialise: suicidality, bereavement by suicide, anger, disability, relationship issues, and sexual concerns. I also work with groups, a way of working that I quite enjoy. Whether I’m working with individuals or groups, boundaries, ethics, integrity, and relational presence are important to me.

Supervision sessions are for one hour. The fee is £50/hour. Payments can be made:

  • by cash (in person)
  • BACS (I’ll provide you with bank details)

Supervision in person is at 3 Coates Place. Video sessions are via Zoom.

If you are interesting in talking with me about supervision, you’re welcome to email:


The groups I facilitate are therapeutic and interpersonal. They range in size from six to fifteen participants. My experience is with closed groups with heterogenous and homogenous concerns. I have experience providing mental health training in organisations as well.

Whatever group I am working with, it’s important to me that participants feel heard, they’re respected, discourses and disagreements are managed in ways that are safe enough for working through and are facilitated in ways that provide sufficient space for individual and group processes to develop.

If you are interesting in talking with me about groups, you’re welcome to email: