Counselling and Psychotherapy

Therapy may be right for you if you feel ready to talk each week with a qualified professional in a private setting. You may be eager to talk and have a lot to say. Or talking may be difficult to do.

Trust takes time. I’ll encourage you to speak freely and will ask questions to help you along if needed, especially in the beginning. Over time, how we work together will develop organically between the two of us. And as we go along, we’ll be able to work at depths that feel right for you.

I may be the right therapist for you, depending on what you’re looking for. I explore here-and-now feelings as well as invite exploration of past experiences.

I work to identify patterns of thinking and relating to others and to yourself, seeking to uncover and understand unconscious thoughts and feelings. I do this sensitively, nonjudgementally, and empathically.

I invite honesty, appreciate different ways of living and being, and I value the lightness and darkness in us all. I can also have a laugh – that’s something a lot of us in our professional bios don’t mention although it’s true. There can be humour in the bleakest of times and therapy is also a space to bring joy when you find it.

What do I most often work with?

Grief and loss of all kindsBereavement
Suicidal thoughtsSuicide bereavement
AnxietyLow self-esteem
DepressionRelationship issues

Sessions and Fees

Please see the What to Expect page for details.